Jukka Watanen is presently working out of Helsinki Finland

His commercial (magazine) photography is represented by Suomen Kuvapalvelu oy

Mobile phone /GSM +358-400-408168

Postal address: Itäinen Alppirinne 1aD77, 00530 Helsinki Finland

Email: vatanenj (ät)


Note about my pictures:

Prints from this website and  forthcoming retrospective are available as Portofolios:

LAPPI IMAGES from 1960`s Numbered original  prints in baryta B&W

“TIME AFTER TIME” selected prints of nice girls, from the exhibition with the same name (Dedicated to Cyndi  Lauper and Miles Davis Inspired by the words by Cyndi`s tune)

“O MIO DIARIOS PORTUGUESES” – My Portugese diary Current B&W images, analog & digital prints of a “paradise lost in the very corner of `Southern Europe”

“FRIENDS & RELATIVES”  Portrait portfolio of people that have been important to me ,mainly jazz musicians in PORI JAZZ Festival  and other artists (record covers etc.) Exhibitions of partial sections of this portfolio is also possible (PORI JZZ, Musician portraits  ; Love Records covers etc.)

“IN AND OUT OF FASHION”    (Comments and images of Finnish fashion scene in the past and now)

“GRAINY DAYS”      Images of Despair and Hope (In the mood and inspired by ECM jazz record cover art)

“STREETWISE” – Art or Fart  ?? ” Portofolio of images with the idea:  “I would like to know, how this looks as a photograph”  Abstract stuff inspired by jazzman Thelonius Monk

“SPIKES & SHADOWS”  Meditating on what is real…


Prices available by request, please contact the artist.  ALL IMAGES ON THIS SITE: COPYRIGHT 2015 by JUKKA WATANEN


A technical note about my photography:

I have been using Leica M and Nikon 35mm cameras. (Both Analog & Digital)The most of my studio work here is done with the  Hasselblad middle format system.  In the latter part of my Studio days I had two Jobo automatic developing machines. One dedicated to E-6 color process and the other to B&W and C-41 negative processes. I always made my own prints. both color and Black & white. The Kodachrome film was used in my early career whenever the time & deadlines allowed. After my active career I studied and worked with the digital medium, first with various Nikon and latter with that expensive Hasselblad CFV digital back. Digital  is “nice” but in my mind does not offer any real advantage now, when we have scanners and Photoshop. The film “is right”- straight out of the camera- and the small variations in density and color balance can easily be worked on in the post process.  So I am a dinosaur- love the film... “Long Live The Grain”…