My persona is divided in three segments; Tecnical (Cars-racing-design). Music ( Jazz and saxophones) and Finally PHOTOGRAPHY. This website is about Photography.

I became interested in photography mainly as it made possible to meet nice girls, travel and at the same time make money doing so.  I was not very much interested in actual photographic technique. My father bought  me a used battered leica M2, as he said: My technique is so lousy that you better look like  a photographer with decent tools. So I was happy to start out with a Leica M, Nikon F  and a couple lenses, doing mostly Black &white 35mm

Color came into pictures when doing Advertising images. Also the 6×6 and 6×7 (plus larger) color film sizes. if I would just have done magazine work, I would have stayed with Leica and Nikon 35mm cameras. Kodachrome 64 in 35mm is just about the most fantastic color material there ever was.


This is a Kodachrome 64 image from IBIZA.  The travels were a bonus: All around Europe, Japan & USA  I always carried my LEICA with B&W film in it. though.

To shoot nice girls in various settings, was not bad either. You LOVE them for fifteen minutes.just to get good & soulful images, that`s all…This story ( Painter´s  Muse) was done using my special color process developing a slide film (Fuji 400) into a color negative and “hopped up” in Photoshop

I am not the only one to still believe in Film. More and more young guys like the feel of Film, both color and Black & White, Not to talk about Hollywood film industry and film schools..

.I have had also other interests all along: JAZZ and Racing models I am one of those “renessance men” with many interests. Luckily I became quite goor at those other areas too. My own jazzband and ten times Finnish champion in car racing, as team boss…

I must admit, I have had a GOOD LIFE…