Media years (1980-1989)

Media years (1980-1989) galleries

In the end of 1970`s Yhtyneet Kuvalehdet re-established the once famous Hopeapeili magazine. The editor -in-chief was Anu Seppälä and graphic designer was Timo Tanttu, both my good friends. Anu wanted Leena Peltonen and me  to be the fashion team for the magazine. I was also given free hands to create the magazine covers, that would reflect both the season of the year and the leading story of the issue. That was a “Dream come true” for me! To do what I wanted in the fashion stories and also be my own art director. The glorious time didn`t last too long, however. Not even a year…

It was time to go on. I choose “Finnish Design” as an area I could be my own art director. In the fashion field there were lots of “bulk producers” but also those that wanted to operate on more demanding western design oriented market. Companies like Vuokko,Jukka Rintala, Friitala, ,Rahikainen Furs and magazines like Look At Finland, Prima, Focus were my clients. I also did some work for Japan, France and Sweden.

A technical note about the images of this period: Color was the key word in magazines . Only a few times I was allowed to work in the medium i liked so much:  Black and white. The color film of the period Kodak Ektachrome was in no means a perfect material. Unstable processing and colors. Everytime when the shedule for publication gave a possibility, I was using Kodachrome film, that is essentially a black & white film with three layers that will be dyed in the process.The film was very stable and had fantastic colors and sharpness. Some of the images from this period look like they have come from the lab yesterday. They are Kodachromes, the fantastic material Kodak stopped producing a couple years ago  The images made with Ektachromes  I have made duplicates later on Fuji film. The originals on that damn Ektachrome  have long since turned to colored jelly between the plastic sleeves. The B&W images stay great… that is a blessing !