Media years (1970-1979)

Media years (1970-1979) galleries

After the army stint (that included a jail sentence for one full day!) the reality struck: I was  family man… Time to take my choosen profession seriously. The saxophone was left behind. Magazine and studio photography took it´s place. I was able to work with the top people in the profession of that time:  “The queen of gossips, Mata Hari” : Anu Seppälä and fashion editors Leena Peltonen and Rauni Palonen.   With these I first started in Me Naiset and later in Jaana magazines. With an exclusive agreement with the latter Jaana of Lehtimiehet Oy, I was able to build a real studio and equip it with all the equipment I ever wanted. During this time I also made those iconic LOVE RECORDS covers

I call this period MEDIA YEARS as everything I was shooting was meant to be published. It was a miracle to me to record something on a tiny piece of film ( 24mmX36mm) in lively color, have it blown up and duplicated several thousand times and see what I had seen in my camera finder as posters and on magazine stands. Internet might be great to today´s kids, but printed magazines were THE MEDIA at that time and see your images in hundred copies  when you walked the city streets,  was awesome. It was like having an art exhibition on every corner and billboard…