Finale years (2000-2010)

Finale years (2000-2010) galleries

Finally the arrival of Digital Photography and general change in the work processes and  the vanishing  need for a big  well equipped studio  forced me to close my own very nice studio in the southern Helsinki in the middle of the “advertising district”   Because of that and also because of my age, people thought I had laid off   (many of my colleagues had done that already).  Well, that was not the case!   Yes, I didn`t run desperately after those scarce  jobs available !  I was lucky to find other ways to keep me going.( in the radio interview you can hear how my “last” professional advertising  job went) I could still make money and afford to do what I had always wanted, all the way from my earliest days  as a photographer: Explore the world and record images that were exiting to me visually. So, I am back in the square one in my life game:Just where I started, back in 1965: Black & White photography with that nice small Leica M film camera, doing my own portofolios.

I have on purpose left out all advertising and most magazine reportage photography from these pages. Some of it was O.K  others, mostly “Just for the money”

This period was for the most part of “Finding myself again ” as a creative and meditating person.. You can read about it in Persona part and see the images in this and  the next Finale years passage.


Jukka Watanen  (2013)