Early years (1963-1969)

Early years (1963-1969) galleries

My early years in photography were ignited by the fascination of being able to record what I saw, what thrilled me. As a musican and young guy with a camera, it was jazz artists and young beautiful girls. In those days my inspiration in fashion photography was names like Jean Loup Sieff, Richard Avedon and David Bailey. In reportage photography they were the Finnish masters Caj Bremer and Matti Saanio plus the swedish guru Christer Strömholm. All Leica M and B&W shooters. Because of them, my style can be described with one word: DRAMATIC.

Now when I look back to my early years, a feeling creeps in my memories: Did I get too much too soon?  Photography was not that easy medium, after all… However, I was a hungry and arrogant young man, full of visions…

As my father was an amateur photographer and was having many photography magazines and books around our house,  I knew what were the photographs like in the early 50´s and 60`s. I was sure I didn`t want my images to look like those. From my very first images on, I knew what would my style be like. Now when looking back, I still like my style.  The way it was “originally”…During my professional  career it was diluting to “mainstream”. That was inevitable because of commercial pressures. The general acceptance of those “hard and dramatic” images were not very common. Not even now, for that matter. I will tell the story of my first Aarikka jewelery images from this period in my retrospective story. (They were bluntly rejected then, but re-discovered by the new generation of company CEO when Aarikka had their 60??anniversary)  My motto is: The artist is never “ahead of his time” as he is a product of a certain time, but quite often the public or buyer is “behind his time” just not “hip enough” to see the message or enjoy a new style. That has happened to me several times during my career.