Finale years (2011- 2020 )

Finale years (2011- ) galleries

In 2011 I recieved the Artists pension  from Finnish State  and in 2012,  a grant from Patricia Seppälä´s foundation to make a book about my career as a photographer. This website is an integral part of that project. I have used the time from 2003 to this day to meditate and organize/edit my previous photographer  life into image files and also written memories in my notebooks The Life story is now ready and can be reached from the front page. “Jukka`s better blues”. I believe a bit in the saying that one´s life advances in periods of seven years. Therefore I feel that now in 2013  is time to move ahead again. Start to use my skills and tools to achieve that “Fullfilment´s FirstFinale” I have been waiting for.

In 2013 I was diagnosed with a muscle disorder, that gradually hampers my work. All has to be planned carefully in advande. How to move, what is possible to lift &carry and so on. Therefore my activity is now studio “table top ” abstract photography. Some of it can be seen, also my major portofolio “GRAINY DAYS”  please look at my Info page about purchasing some of my portofolio works

You can also listen my spoken memories in Yle/arena program:

I am thankful if I have kept your interest alive here !     Jukka Watanen. (2014)